Last updated 24 March 2020.

To my dear customers, both present and future,

In line with government’s announcements from last evening I do not take any appointments until further notice. This is sad but we have to take care of ourselves.

As I already mentioned in a previous post I am here for you and your horse. 

I remain available via Facebook messenger/ emails/ whatsapp if you want to ask questions/ need help or want to send a clear video (not more than 1.30min) and get my opinion. Whatever your location.

My Facebook page is still live of course and I will be sharing some tips if you are interested.

I will keep you updated when things change.

Equine manual therapist is my title in England but it does not explain clearly what I do.

As an owner i found it useful to explain in details what my job is to give you a better idea and see if I am the right person to treat your horse.


I am French and my first passion is Horses, my second is Osteopathy. When I was 12 I knew exactly what my professional life would be: Osteopath for horses. This passion has never left me…


15 years ago, this therapy was not very popular in France but I finally found a 3 year course. After this course I wanted to complete my knowledge and started a 5 year course as osteopath for humans and had my own private surgery in France for two years.


In 2015 I have decided to move in England 4 years ago where the title Osteopath can only be used by Osteopath for Humans. The best decision ever!


In addition to this I have been qualified with Distinction as Equine Sport Massage Therapist and confirmed as member of IAAT in June 2018. 

The International Association of Animal Therapists expects a high standard of work and commitment from its members and to that end requires them to maintain their skill base by completing Continued Professional Development or CPD.

CPD has been defined as:

"The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout the member's working life."


I use osteopathic techniques on joints, vertebrae to relieve horses' musculoskeletal problems. I also use visceral, craniosacral techniques and also massages and stretchings. 

My aim is to improve the range of motion, calm the nervous system, stimulate the circulation, relieve muscle cramps, spasms, decrease muscle fatigue, loosens joints.

I always want to provide the best to the horses I treat and give the best advice to the owner (as owner of two horses and one cat I always want to know any problems my pets may have if something is wrong!) that is why I attend very often evening talks with Equine clinics such as Gastroscopy clinic, Sarcoids talk, Breeding and pregnancy, caring for the geriatric horse...

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